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The Full Story

About Nicola Reid 

So you have come to the about me page, who Am I?

Well I am Nicola Reid the women behind the previously known NYCC chiropractor, a massage and remedial therapist, a manager, a business owner, a director, an academic, a life long learner,  a transitional coach, a counsellor, a mentor and consultant when needed.

Also I am a mum to a 14 years old girl and a wife to Gareth, a single parent most of the year, a lover of long holidays especially if they are in the mountains. I love to ride my mountain bike and go snowboarding or pretty much anything to do in the winter mountain area.

I love Austria, Canada, Switzerland and Snowy locations.

I 'm also going through early onset menopause which is something I never thought would happen at my age and this is a huge interest of me, and something I want to work on in the future, I want menopause care to be better understood and treatment and solutions more available for everyone who needs it. 

And I love working with people finding solutions and ways to be pain free, move freely and enjoy being active again, using their body how it was intended to be used.


My background

Why Me?

My background is in the functioning of the human body  and it's movement.

I trained initially in Cyprus many years ago where my passion for the human body and mind started. I learned about Indian head and full body massage including the principles of Reiki and aromatherapy.


This then turned into further learning and it is how I studied massage and remedial therapy, this opened my eyes to an even wider world of caring for people who are in pain, and where movement is restricted and difficult.

 Chiropractic, especially McTimoney came onto my radar after a friend spoke about this gentle and holistic technique, where the whole body including the mind was taken into consideration, this approach appealed to me as a person, as I always like to care for people as a whole. 

Coaching, counselling in health and lifestyle, mentoring, academic work, leadership, management, running and building businesses in health care,  a history in tourism & hospitality management and customer care allow me to help my clients feel and be better in their body and understand why working on your body is needed to get the most out of your body.


 Being and feeling happy gives you freedom to move.

Going back to my late teenage and early adult years I spent a lot of time being a ski instructor.

Before that, I was focused on art and design, looking back at this now I use this in my everyday life and work all the time, the human body is it's own kind of art and the design sometimes needs a little help to be better, so I feel all I've learned in my past comes in to play even my art and design.

So why am I telling you about my background and how can it help you.

By understanding what I am about, you can decide if I'm the person you want to go on a journey with, to have a better back, feel, move and be better and be pain free.

This is the reason why I am opening up working with me on a deeper level online, I would like to share these skills and the knowledge I have build up over the years, to help you do what you want coaching for transformations is one way of working with me especially during my sabbatical.

Rehab can come in many ways, in my opinion it's about taking the person on a journey to optimise their body's functioning with interventions that are easily integrated in your day to day activity, they need to be tailored to you to your body and mind to be able to work and be beneficial.

To work with me click here!

Some behind the scenes insight into me!

* I have my motor bike licence just not that keen on other motorist.


* I have worked in many fancy restaurants in Europe.


* I speak multiple languages and have an ear for them, I speak English, German (Austrian, Swiss), Dutch (Queen's Dutch in my time now the King' s Dutch) and French (always better when I'm there for a while), I also understand some Spanish and Italian.


* I have been an army wife for 14 years, travelled and moved around the UK and Cyprus.


* I worked in the British Forces Post office, and used to know all the BFPO numbers and where they were.


* I grew up in the Netherlands and moved to Austria and Switzerland at the age of 19 and never looked back.


* I love to watch the sewing bee and have rekindled my love for sewing.

* I love the bake-off and do bake occasionally but don't eat the cakes.


* I follow the Keto lifestyle, this has helped me with so many gastrointestinal issues.

* I am a lover of good wines only and love champagne, although not getting much of this due to my Keto lifestyle.

* If I could do things over in my earlier tourism,  restaurant & hospitality career and years I would have studied to become a sommelier.


* I used to ride horses as I grew up with them.

* I always had dogs and cats, unfortunately my beloved dog Molly is no longer with me, but one day I will have another one.


* I grew up with my mum and my sister in a small holding in the Netherlands right in the middle of the country.

* I cycled 35km to school everyday in all weathers.

* When I just had my drivers licence I drove to Austria from NL (10-hour journey in 1 day).

* I love a good long drive, my last one was 24 hours from York to Bourg Saint Maurice, France.


* I don't celebrate my birthday as it's just after St Nikolaas, and just before Christmas. But I am trying to change this and celebrate my time on this planet more.


* I have a love for crime and police and military dramas.

And anything medical and  love Grey's Anatomy.


* I designed and build my own garden last year in 1 month.

* I am pretty good at DIY.

* I do most of my own MTB maintenance.


* I love art, always done and always will, I used to go to art school once up on a time and colours where my favourite subject.


My Professional connections & Memberships

  • I am registered with the General chiropractic council; 04454

  • I am a licentiate member of the Royal College of Chiropractors and a PRT trainer; LRCC

  • I am a full member of the McTimoney Chiropractic association; MMCA

  • I am a member of the Back Care Foundation.

  • I am registered with the ILM Institute of leadership and Management; student membership

Picture of Le Lac, Tignes.
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Chiropractic assessment.
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Chiropractic assessment.
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Nicola Reid
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