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Work with me!
Online Group Sessions

Build strength and Movement in 6 Weeks!

Here you can find all the information needed about working with me in a group setting online.

Group course to improve movement & Increase strength!

For a limited time and availability I am offering this programme, dates available at the bottom of the page.

Want to move again & feel better with Back Care & Rehab.


Group course to improve movement and increase strength.


Are you looking for a therapeutic chiropractic yoga for Back Care and Rehab led exercise group.

You want to improve your body’s movement, build strength and have support and guidance from a Back Care and Rehab specialist, this group programme might be what you are looking for.

You will need to be able to move and want to build on movement and strength you already have.

What is included:

  • Discovery call to assess if this group is for you (30 Min Free).

  • New client questionnaire online.

  • Debrief from new client questionnaire, 1x private session (30 min) to discuss your needs and any issues I need to be aware of.

  • 6x 1hr online exercise sessions tailored for better back health, improve movement and mobility and build strength, work in a safe and pain freeway. (6 themes so that the whole body gets taken into consideration).

  • Access to WhatsApp group Mon-Fri 8-8, I will drop in during this time to see if there is anything I can help with.

***VIP option is an additional 30 minutes online session, half way through, to discuss any additional help or guidance you need.***

£297 | 6 Weeks

VIP £356 | 6 Weeks

Starting in November 2022: 5 start dates only 6 clients per group.
 7/11/22  9/1/23   20/2/23  13/4/23 — 5/6/23

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