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Work with me

How and why would you want to work with me?

I love helping people be pain free, move & function at their best in body and mind.

I love the ethos of back care and rehab as a combined method to achieving this goal.

If you want to work with me to improve your body's functioning whilst including the mind, to be and stay pain free, to have the tools to do this and stay this way, have look at how I can help you, if you are not sure you can always contact me for a free (discovery) chat to find out how I can best help you. 

Book your discovery and chemistry call here!

Ways to work with me

Here you can find all the ways to work with me.

I love to work with people in person, but I would also like to offer my expertise to people who cannot come to the my clinic.

Therefore I will be offering a variety of ways to work with me.

Below are more details on what the ways of working with me are! It will also direct you to the in depth details of the programmes and how to book your free discovery call which can then lead to you working with me.

Establishing a good working relationship is so important to me, it helps me provide better care for you, but also helps you prioritise and take action. It helps with accountability and better outcomes!

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